Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glam Nation Tour From Hard Rock Live To Tropicana Field!

Perlman PR sent correspondent Paulette Niehoff to cover another chapter of Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour, and below is our review of two of his Adamazing performances!

Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida - September 18, 2010

Sprinkled amid all the Rays jerseys waiting in line to enter Tropicana Field, you would see men and women sporting black and silver with glitter and feathers, and many Adam Lambert t-shirts. As I with my husband, daughter and friends made our way to our seats, I would make eye contact with other black-garbed, sparkly fans who would silently communicate their building excitement. At game time, meeting in the Brewhouse Bar and Grill were the Glamberts/Flamberts, many wearing the dazed appearance of stars in their eyes, consistent with the unmistakable look of having just met the incredible Adam Lambert at the pre-game Meet & Greet.

Soon it was deemed time to make our way to the doors, which would eventually lead to the field and the spot where the concert was to be held. Clearly, the security staff at Tropicana Field was unprepared for the sheer number and passion of Adam Lambert fans. Standing in line in that hallway, waiting for the game to end and concert to begin, became scary and uncomfortable. This was not helped by the bumbling antics of the unprepared Tropicana Field staff. Eventually and thankfully, the Rays won the game, and the many fans who lined up for hours were now allowed to "run for their lives" onto the field where the stage was set up for the true main event. The crowd on the field was similar to most GA crowds, except for a few careless individuals who thoughtlessly hoisted their young children onto their shoulders. This not only endangered their children, but severely blocked the view of anyone unlucky enough behind them. What I found happily surprising was not just the number of fans on the field, but the large number of fans still in their seats who remained for the post-game concert.

A local DJ came out to announce the start of the show, and Allison with her band took the stage. Allison was clearly excited by the large, enthusiastic crowd who welcomed her. With each song performed, we knew that we were that much closer to the entrance of Adam Lambert. All too soon, we bid farewell to the enthusiastic and talented Miss Iraheta. Intermission went by in a flash. Even without the usual screen of Adam’s face gracing the stage, fans could not miss the recording of For Your Entertainment playing over Tropicana Field’s loudspeakers. We knew that Adam would be appearing at the top of the stairs any moment.

Then as if by magic, there he was in all his purple and top hat glory! Looking beautiful and confident, his makeup was done especially glorious for this performance, all glittery with purples, blacks, and silver. His voice showed no trace of the stress he has been experiencing earlier in the week. His performance was strong, sensitive, and at times playful, as when instructing a bumping and grinding Tommy that this was a “family-oriented” show. I’ve got to believe that Adam gained many new followers from the baseball fans who stayed after the game that evening.

Although the portable stage setup that night was small, his performance was large and amazing. The cheers were loud and thunderous! Unfortunately, some fans were overcome by a combination of Florida humidity, Adam’s heat, and unnecessary pre-show stress due to Tropicana Field’s ineptness, and had to be helped off the field by medical personnel. The many fans who could take the heat were treated to an exceptional show by an exceptional performer, and his talented and beautiful entourage. And then it ended, not ever to be forgotten.

Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Florida - September 19, 2010

The crowd at the Hard Rock Live was as diverse and eclectic as Adam Lambert’s music. The audience ranged from youngsters to older adults, women, and a surprising large number of men, straights and gays, couples and singles, families and groups of friends, and seasoned fans to newbies. I found myself envying the fans that were seeing the Glam Nation Tour for the first time. I fondly remembered the excitement while waiting for our world idol to take the stage at my first Glam Nation Tour experience. These newbies at the Hard Rock did have my sympathies, since with this being Adam’s 71st and second to last stop on the U.S. mainland, they would not be able to quench their almost certain thirst for more, when his amazing show would end tonight. For now, we were all one united in our love and admiration for this remarkable man.

The first to take the stage was Allison Iraheta. Despite delivering enthusiastic performances to sold-out crowds in Melbourne, FL and St. Petersburg, FL, she was still in great voice, and appeared energetic and comfortable with the large, adoring crowd. Allison has grown in poise and polish during her tour with Adam Lambert this summer. Cracking jokes easily with the audience, “I sweat a lot, but the lashes haven’t fallen off yet; so, we’re good!” Allison endeared herself even more.

During the lengthy intermission, the sold-out audience of more that 5,500 people turned the auditorium into a giant disco. It was led at times by an unknown man dancing in the floor seats, wearing a glittery silver-sequined shirt.

Then it was time for Adam to appear atop a staircase, giving him the chance to slink down to the stage while performing Voodoo and Down The Rabbit Hole. He was stunningly dressed in lush fringed purple robes, beautifully tight lace-up black pants, and a bejeweled top hat with a glittery “A” on the front. He was joined onstage by his very talented band, and four very capable and well-rehearsed dancers. He then ascended the stairs to deliver a performance of Ring of Fire that was truly on fire! Next was the sizzling Fever which always is a crowd-pleaser with everyone in Adam’s group; band and dancers getting into the act. Soaked was hauntingly emotional, as was the heartbreaking Sleepwalker. Aftermath allowed us to see a little deeper into the person who is Adam Lambert.

A wave of blue glow sticks from the audience greeted a flawless performance of Whataya Want from Me. You could definitely feel the love from Adam to his audience, and from his audience back to him. He shows this love by consistently delivering emotional and flawless performances at each and every show. This love continued through Music Again, Sure Fire Winners, and the well-choreographed Strut.

When the concert progresses to If I Had You, it is natural for a little melancholy to set in as you realize that the show is almost over. With introductions of his beloved band and dancers, this is certainly an audience favorite particularly when Adam says “The message I want you to take away tonight is... No matter how much money or fame or success or sex you have, it doesn’t mean anything unless it is connected to love.” You can feel this love in the audience. When even his tour bus drivers come dancing onto the stage, you know that this love, also, is spread throughout his cast and crew.

The love fest is not over. After much cheering and pleading, Adam is brought back for an amazing and sexy encore of the rock classic, 20th Century Boy. "Oh! The many sides of Adam Lambert!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The GlamNation Tour Rolls Into Melbourne!

Perlman PR sent correspondent Kathy Perkins to cover the Florida chapter, and below is our review.....

Adam Lambert brought his SIZZLING HOT Glam Nation Tour to Florida, and turned up the heat on an already sweltering Sunshine State. His first stop was the King Center for the Performing Arts, on the beautiful Melbourne campus of the Brevard Community College in Melbourne, FL on Friday, September 17, 2010. This sold out 2,000-seat performing arts hall was packed with Glamberts young and old, male and female, straight and gay, and all decked out in glitter, feathers, sequins, leather, spikes, studs, and anything else befitting a fan of the one true Glambert himself.

It was a beautiful, warm Florida evening, and on the front patio of the King Center, there was a spread of food and drinks for those who paid for the picnic before the show. A private GlamFest hosted by the FLamberts, the Florida contingency of the Adam Official Glamberts, and the Florida Glambs was going down inside the building. At that party, there were plenty of Adam-inspired items being raffled off, with all proceeds benefiting Adam’s charity of choice,, while the guests enjoyed sipping their Glambertinis. In addition to those parties, 25 very lucky VIPs enjoyed their private Meet & Greet with Adam before the show, all made possible through Adam’s new fan site,

Every one of the 25 appeared mesmerized as they left the room, holding their signed posters and Adam memorabilia, following their one-on-one time with Adam. Another Meet & Greet was held for the lucky winners of the local radio station’s contest to meet Adam. So much activity before the show even began, set the mood for an exciting night of glitter and glam!

Allison Iraheta opened the show, and began the evening with her always energetic performance, supported by her very talented band. She had the audience on their feet more than once, dancing and clapping, and singing along with Robot Love. Her energy was infectious, as she belted out her set. Her voice continues to grow along with her stage presence. Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson would be proud of her chops! She is evidently very comfortable on the stage, and owns it. In addition to Robot Love, her set included Holiday, Beat Me Up, Still Breathing, No One Else, Don’t Waste the Pretty, Heartbreaker, and Friday I’ll Be Over You.

During the intermission, after Allison’s set, and while eagerly anticipating Adam’s appearance, the crowd was entertained by a very convincing (at first glance) Adam look-alike dressed in a leather jacket, and wearing a sexually-inspired ring on his hand a la Adam, from his May 2009 performance on Good Morning America in NYC. This Adam impersonator got the audience all revved up with his Adam-inspired poses and good looks, and many fans clamored to have their picture taken with him. He even shared a kiss with a male friend, much to the approval of the audience. While it could never rival any Adommy moment, the crowd ate it up nonetheless. Almost everyone in the theater was on their feet dancing and singing along with the music. It was "the party to be," before the main event.

Suddenly the lights dimmed, and everyone in the theater screamed in unison, as Adam’s much-larger-than-life Lee Cherry feathers picture appeared on the screen behind the stage, and a remix of Whataya Want From Me played on the sound system, all adding to the building excitement at the start of Adam’s set. It was showtime! On the darkened stage, Tommy, Monte, Camilla, and Isaac Carpenter, the new drummer replacing the irreplaceable Longineu Parsons, all took their places. "The voodoo" was about to commence, and the audience was ready to be placed under Adam’s spell for the evening.

The audience was completely mesmerized as Adam appeared at the top of the staircase in his distinctive top hat, with its feathers, fishnet, and distinctive “A,” and wearing his luxurious fur-collared coat with its long fringe on the arms that swings and sways as he conjures up his magic spell. Also of note is his sexy laced-up pants, which almost any living creature can’t help but stare at, and dream about what is being held captive inside (and wanting to unleash that animal!). Beautiful and barefoot, he launched into Voodoo, Down the Rabbit Hole, and a sensual Ring of Fire medley to open the show. The audience was fully under Adam’s spell for the evening!

He threw off the audience a bit by beginning his hot Fever with an almost funky Middle-Eastern flair, before launching into what many have hoped will be the next release from his For Your Entertainment CD. Adam satisfied his fans by sharing a kiss with his bassist Tommy, which sent the crowd into a frenzy of cheers for "an Adommy moment" they have been greatly anticipating. The temperature in the room rose noticeably, after that hot exchange!

After a musical and dance segment which showcased his amazing dancers (Brooke, Sasha, Terrance, and Taylor), Adam came out singing the emotional and dramatic rock ballad, Sleepwalker. He then launched into the acoustic part of his set, while sitting on a stool at the front of the stage, and asked the audience if they were having fun. They responded overwhelmingly in the affirmative! Adam talked about love, and how sometimes “love sucks." He said it also can feel as if someone “ripped your heart out, threw gasoline on it, and threw a match … it burns!” He then explained "Without knowing that kind of heartache, you wouldn’t know true love – the good stuff. Sometimes, in order to hold onto that good stuff, you have to ask the right questions." This was a perfect lead into a very touching rendition of Whataya Want From Me. There was a wonderful show of love and support for Adam, as a sea of blue glowsticks waved in the air, while he sang “thanks for loving me, ‘cause you’re doing it perfectly.” There was no doubt of his fans’ love for him!

Next was the beautiful and emotionally heart-wrenching Muse ballad, Soaked, which Adam performed standing in the front of the stage. Thankfully, the audience was mostly respectful of Adam and the mood of the ballad, as this song was delivered with fewer belted “I love you Adam”s than at some of his previous shows. This has been a point of contention between some of the fans, and it was nice to hear Adam sing the song so beautifully, without much interference or interruption.

Adam then took his place, sitting at the top of the staircase, and spoke to the audience about love, which is a dominant theme in his GlamNation Tour. He spoke philosophically about love, and how we sometimes have it, then lose it, and look for it in all the wrong places, but we need to learn that “in order to find that love, you have to love yourself." He then began singing a beautiful unplugged version of Aftermath, accompanied by Monte on acoustic guitar.

After another musical interlude with a masterful guitar and bass exchange between Monte and Tommy, Adam shed his dramatically long overcoat, and came out in a vest, turning the heat back up as he launched into a sexy Sure Fire Winners. Attitude is everything! The heat continued to build with his next number, Strut, when his dancers appeared wearing masks. Adam donned a striped short coat with tails for this number, and with cane in hand, he began his strut! Go ahead, strut for us and show us what you’re working with!

The fun continued with the energetic Music Again, as Adam grabbed hands with some fortunate fans in the front row. His sexy dance moves and facial expressions showed just how much fun he was having.

The energy level remained high as he introduced his band, and he broke out into laughter while announcing Camilla’s name. Next was the newest addition to the band, Isaac Carpenter, who replaces Longineu Parsons (and Longineu can be proud of Isaac the Carp’s performance). Tommy’s Badgers gave him their special love as he was introduced, and Monte received the cheers and applause he so well deserves. They then launched into the lively and upbeat If I Had You, and everyone was on their feet (they actually have been standing for the entire show, since one just can’t sit through an Adam concert). Adam next introduced his dancers, Terrance, Taylor, Sasha (whose dancing made him exclaim "Wham Bam!” after her bit), and Brooke (who got an “Aye yi yi!” reaction from Adam). Everyone was having a blast – it was pure ecstasy, and no one wanted the party to end!

After Adam and the band left the stage, the audience continued to clap, cheer, and call out Adam’s name. Soon enough, the band made a comeback, and Adam made an entrance, much to everyone’s great pleasure. As his encore for the evening, Adam sang his upbeat version of Tears For Fears' Mad World. All too soon, the party was over, but everyone left feeling happy and satisfied that they have been a citizen of the Glam Nation for the night.

For those who stuck around after the encore, were in for another special treat by the fenced-off area near the buses. First Allison appeared, and signed autographs for her fans. This was a rare treat, since she has only on occasion came out after a show to meet fans and sign autographs. After waiting a while longer, Adam’s fans were rewarded for their patience and loyalty as he came out to sign autographs for his fans. He still had glitter sparkling throughout his hair and on his face, and was even more beautiful and mesmerizing up close to many. He made his way down the line chatting briefly and signing pictures, tickets, shirts, iphones, and anything else his fans asked him to sign. It all came to a too quick end, as Adam was bit on the foot by some fire ants, and had to make a quick retreat to his bus. Within minutes, the buses were on their way out and headed back to the hotel. It was the end of a purely magical evening.

Thank you Adam for another memorable and mesmerizing show!