Friday, August 27, 2010

St. George Theatre & Adam Lambert: Where Glam Meets Glam Nation!

August 24, 2010 will be another date that goes down in the hearts of Glamberts. Fans witnessed the fusion of Adam Lambert's Glam Rock/Pop performance and a 1924 Spanish Baroque style theater, known as the St. George Theatre at 35 Hyatt St, Staten Island, NY, making the experience surreal. Fans dotted Hyatt St in a glammed attire, prior to the much-anticipated evening. Many exhibited a variety of Glam Nation-themed t-shirts and jewelry, glittery appeal couldn't be overlooked on their faces, eyes, and hair, and Eye of Horus tattoos were evident on their wrists.

The detail of the theater, which can be conceived as Burlesque, communicates measures, which is undeniable during his Glam Nation tour. Fans were transcended into a world of yesteryear from the moment they stepped beneath the marquee, and into a mindset of opulent murals flanked by heavily encrusted pilasters, soaring ornate concave bronze ceilings, and column-sided arched balconies overlooking a promenade with a grand staircase.

Spanish Baroque promenade

Watch your step as you make your way up. Try not to study the murals too hard.

All eyes on YOU as you watch Adam Lambert. If only walls could talk!
Second level of the promenade, leading to the auditorium's balcony

Reminiscent of a Baroque opera house
Allison Iraheta opens the show throughout Adam's Glam Nation tour
Allison Iraheta opened the show, always stimulating her audience with the energy level of an energizer bunny. She continues to be the optimal opening for Adam Lambert, engaging her audience by enabling them to participate. Her light translates into the eyes of concert-goers, creates an electromagnetic signal, which then translates into their feet, evident with their dance moves and applause. Songs included Holiday, Beat Me Up, Still Breathing, No One Else, Don't Waste The Pretty (Allison's 3rd single), Robot Love (Allison asked her audience to help by singing along, and it was more than evident), Heartbreaker, and Friday I'll Be Over You

The sold-out crowd of at least 2,800 was mesmerized by Adam Lambert, as he put them under his love spell, with a medley comprised of Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Ring of Fire. From his makeup to his mystifying costumes, to his mannerisms, jazzy dance moves along with barely-clothed dancers, and multi-colored lasers and backdrops, it contributed to its cohesiveness, and was a depiction of a bit of historic New Orleans meets Staten Island. A memorable highlight was Fever, when Adam and bassist Tommy licked lips, which was followed by a fans' choral roar. His ballad Soaked explored drinking too much and being "soaked to the bone," by going to the bar nightly while seeking love, but finding solace in the bottle rather than in real life. Strut expressed his great intervention with canes as props.

One of his most empowering and memorable ballads was Aftermath, while Sleepwalker can be considered one of his most dramatic numbers, which was complemented with a Gothic floor-length coat. Another costume was a zebra-striped jacket with tails, which he would later remove, unveiling some skin. “Sometimes relationships can just suck, but I think if we didn’t have heartache, we wouldn’t know true love,” he explained before his heart-wrenching hit, Whataya Want from Me, in which the audience responded with a thunderous roar.

When you hear his Music Again, it signifies one of many "contemporary classics," or a tile on his intricate mosaic of a career, proving how he came so far in such a short time, but never ages. Rather, his classic performances and numbers are always redefined. When he sang his new single, If I Had You, the audience only wished, but needless to say, if you all stick around you'll be Sure Fire Winners. If I Had You was uplifting to the fullest, with abundant audience participation, giving his fans a lifetime experience. “No matter how much money, power, fame, or sex you have in this life, it doesn’t mean anything without love," he proclaimed in an inspirational voice. The upbeat tempo of the 1980s hit by Tears For Fears, Mad World was his encore. The audience hoped to hear 20th Century Boy, but guess Adam intended to leave off as if it was a soap-opera. Mad World was a particulary memorable ending neverthless, but of course we all wanted more!

Cinematic experience as fans await....

Lasers illuminate ornate auditorium, or do they stem from Adam's vibe?
The marquee of the St. George Theatre graced the likes of Bing Crosby in its heyday. Now Allison Iraheta & Adam Lambert build upon its rich past.
Glamberts gathering at the nearby Jimmie Steiny's Pub
Glamberts eagerly awaiting "showtime at the St. George"
Eye of Horus tattoo, common amongst audience members. Thumbs up!
Linda Perlman of Perlman PR with Adam
Michael Perlman of Perlman PR with Adam

Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Evening With The Jonas Brothers At Their 2010 World Tour

Perlman PR correspondent Cristina Ortiz was sent to MA to cover the Jonas Brothers concert, and this is the review:
The Jonas Brothers concert at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA can be defined in one word... Amazing! This concert was on August 25, 2010, and was much-anticipated as part of The Jonas Brothers 2010 World Tour/Camp Rock 2 Tour. Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers performed hit singles from their four-studio album discography, and songs from the film, Camp Rock 2.
The Comcast Center was an ideal venue, since no matter where you sat, you were guaranteed a great view. The opening act was Honor Society. The Jonas Brothers gave the stage a good workout, as they delivered incredible attention, smiles, waves, and handshakes. 
The lights, the stage, the performers were all excellent. There were emotional moments where the audience connected with the Jonas Brothers, and you could feel the love in the air. While playing the piano, Nick Jonas spoke to the fans about being diabetic, personalizing his battle with our own daily struggles, and left you with the thought..... They sound just as great in concert as on TV and CD's as always. Pure Raw Talent! 
A highlighted moment was when they were hoisted high in the air, and sprayed foam on as many fans as possible. It was "the icing on the cake!" You could see the smiles on parents' faces, and their children feeling happy, entertained, and completely amazed with the Jonas Brothers. Unforgettable moments! Without a doubt, this is an experience fans will remember for the rest of their lives. Place yourself in the audience, and don't forget to support them.
The Jonas Brothers intro 
The stage rises. A triumphant effect!
Note the plentiful moments of emotion in this piece near the finale:
Please Be Mine
Confetti finale from the August 26th show:
Jonas Brothers Official Site for tour dates and upcoming events:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adam Lambert's Arrival Marks Record Heat Wave In Providence, RI

92 PRO FM contest winners were sweatin' it out at an intimate pool party with Adam Lambert at the Downtown Marriott in Providence, RI on August 17th. An interview session, consisting of audience questions selected at random from a hat, was followed by a meet and greet, where Adam posed for photos and chatted with all members of one spell-bound Glamily.

Adam's arrival... Mesmerizing!... but let's not get that ahead of ourselves just yet.

Adam Glamberts a.k.a. The "Rhode Island Treasures."

1 of 4 tables poolside catered by Marriott, easing the long wait.

Up close and personal!!!

Jessica of 92 PRO FM has the interviewing honor.

Linda Perlman of Perlman PR

Michael Perlman of Perlman PR

Adam-tastic masterpiece by Santabillie!

Miss Teen New Hampshire & Miss Teen Massachusetts were on the guest list!

Fulfillment, or holding some back for this evening's Adam performance?

Introducing the autographed Glam Boot... Adam makes exceptions for his devoted fans.