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Glam Nation Tour: Adam Lambert Sizzles Times Square & Foxwoods MGM Grand

The Glam Nation Tour........

By Michael Perlman and Linda Perlman

The wait of an eternity outside Times Square's Nokia Theatre

Nokia Theatre, Times Square, NYC
June 22, 2010

In the heart of Times Square's Theater District, the line spanned 4 blocks, and some fans camped out at least a day prior, to ensure an "up close and personal" spot near the stage. If the average passerby wasn't much of a fan, they likely were won over by the setting of "Glamberts" adorning Times Square's diverse streetscapes. Some stopped to ask questions, wondering what the diverse, yet united and ultimately artsy scene scene may have in store. They saw some concert-goers  getting glammed up by applying and perfecting their make-up and glitter, and others holding or posing with their creatively designed posters they hung up, with love notes, photos, and slogans, under the scaffolding surrounding the block, as if they moved in...well, at least overnight. Others were noshing, having an Adamazing dream, or singing songs from Adam's For Your Entertainment album on their ipods or with fellow Glamberts. Fans could be spotted "from California to the NY island," Japan, Singapore, Denmark, Belgium, England, Peru, and Venezuela, amongst others.

One of many creations

Adam Lambert at Nokia!

Therrrrrrre's Allison!
Orianthi playing a mean guitar!!!
Allison Iraheta and Orianthi were opening acts for the fan's most glitzy jewel... Adam! Allison instilled confidence in the audience from the moment she walked on stage, which was then followed by a 20-minute performance featuring amazing vocals for a teenager, and plentiful stage presence and the spirit of an Energizer bunny. Hits included Holiday, Friday I'll Get Over You, as well as her ballad Scars, which led into a master class collaboration with Orianthi on Don't Waste The Pretty. Orianthi can be deemed "the guitarist of guitarists," since her intricate sounds make one speculate, "Has she been practicing in the womb, or perhaps for a century?" Allison's soulful performance of Heartbreaker was a final touch to an opening act. Orianthi's solo highlights included According To You, Shut Up And Kiss Me, Think Like a Man, Courage, amongst her 9-song set.

Mostly everyone was on their feet from the moment Adam hit the stage! Adam's multi-octave range was evident throughout his repertoire of 14 songs. Adam's goal was to put his fans under his love spell by opening the show with Voodoo, but it seems as if they were already spell-bound, since he extends his love through his creativity, magnetism, and mesmerizing traits. The magic just happens!

Adam's Voodoo-inspired performance from his makeup to his mystifying costumes, to his mannerisms, jazzy dance moves along with barely-clothed dancers, and multi-colored lasers and backdrops, contributed to its cohesiveness, and was a depiction of a bit of historic New Orleans meets NYC. No wonder why the space was heated up with Fever! One of the numerous highlights of the show was during that number, when Adam and bassist Tommy licked lips, which was followed by a fans' choral roar. Fans were transcended to the Middle East when Adam gave his own spin of Ring of Fire. His ballad Soaked explored drinking too much and being "soaked to the bone," by going to the bar nightly while seeking love, but finding solace in the bottle rather than in real life. Strut expressed his great intervention with canes as props.

When you hear his Music Again, it signifies one of many "contemporary classics," or a tile on his intricate mosaic of a career, proving how he came so far in such a short time, but never ages. Rather, his classic performances and numbers are always redefined. When he sang If I Had You, the audience only wished, but needless to say, if you all stick around you'll be Sure Fire Winners. The audience's response to the heart-wrenching Whataya Want from Me was a thunderous roar. The upbeat tempo of the 1980s hit by Tears For Fears, Mad World, led into the much-anticipated acoustic rendition of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love, leaving hearts beating in unison, and always wanting more.

After the concert, some fans waited a while outside, hoping to see Adam and members of his band. The wait for those wanting more paid off, when fans earned the opportunity to take photos with 2 of his band members, Tommy and Longineu, and was thankful for even a glimpse of Adam from the back, as he was escorted out a side entrance in the alleyway.

Future Adam, Allison, Orianthi memorabilia at the Nokia Theatre
Adam at Foxwoods MGM Grand and 4,000 all-generation screamers - Here "For Your Entertainment!"
Adam's grand entrance....

Foxwoods MGM Grand
June 24, 2010 

Allison Iraheta and Orianthi were once again opening acts for Adam Lambert. The ambiance at Foxwood's newest addition, the MGM Grand in Connecticut, can best be described as a bobbing full house concert hall (4,000 people) with unmatchable acoustics, contributing to the timeless factor of the evening. The venue was grand, but Adam's vibe made one seem as if he was giving a private performance in their own living room, which then pleasantly shifted by a fellow audience member singing along or dancing, more closely resembling series-worth of home parties. Fans carried out piercing screams!

Adam's theatrical training was evident on the basis of his elaborate costumes, which was enhanced through the use of video with laser effects; similar to his June 22nd performance at Nokia Times Square. Once again, Adam made an entrance performing Voodoo, donning a black and purple top hat with a feather and a Scarlet Letter-inspired "A" on the front, and a purple-fringed jacket to carry the theme through.

One of his most empowering and memorable ballads was Aftermath, while Sleepwalker can be considered one of his most dramatic numbers, which was complemented with a Gothic floor-length coat. Another costume was a zebra-striped jacket with tails, which he would later remove, unveiling some skin. His new single, If I Had You, was uplifting to the fullest, with abundant audience participation, giving his fans a lifetime experience.

Adam's encore featured a meticulously orchestrated upbeat rendition of Mad World, differing from his expected version of the ballad. Adam then made a shift by delivering an epic performance with his bluesy interpretation of Whole Lotta Love. His body language revealed all, making it almost too difficult to get a grasp. Besides his pure multi-octave vocals, he would even moan in perfect pitch, leaving fans speechless.

Adam can be called a seductive Glam performer, who knows the ins and outs of entertaining, and never fails to mesmerize his audience while remaining true to himself with his classics, unique polished vocals, marathon charisma, and always managing to bring something new to the plate to serve his fans. It surely was a "who's who of Glamberts," who were guests of a party that won't be forgotten! One of the greatest moments of inspiration was Adam's message: "No matter what color your skin is, no matter what religion you are, no matter what your sexuality is, we can all party together. And all this other stuff; money, success, fortune, fashion,'s all great, but it doesn't mean anything if you're not connecting."

Linda Perlman of Perlman PR
Michael Perlman of Perlman PR

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Jordin Puts The Sparks Into Her Battlefield Tour: An Opening Show Review

Jordin's pizazz filling the space!
Jordin puts the sparks into her Battlefield Tour with a breath of fresh air. In 2007, at the age of 16, she was the youngest winner of American Idol (season 6), and has since proven that American Idol and the public has made the right choice. She captivates and intrigues her audiences, as she ushers unique styles vocally and emotionally, which is her main intent over her sex appeal, which cannot be denied. Jordin is a symbol of versatility, driven by her look into her soul, diverse range and angelic tone, authentic technique, memorable smile and charisma, and always prioritizing for her fans.

Perlman PR was in attendance at the launching of her Battlefield Tour, on the evening of June 10th at Nokia Theatre in Times Square, NYC. The 24-city tour runs through July 16th, mostly in major cities from NYC to Orlando to Dallas, and from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, amongst others. She seldom takes a breath, being that another performance is set for almost every day, but yet perceives it with confidence as she takes One Step At A Time. Her album, Battlefield, was her second release, following in the fame garnered by her self-titled U.S. platinum first album, Jordin Sparks. Battlefield achieved placement on the Top 10 of Billboard's Top 200 albums chart. Previously, she achieved 3 Billboard Top 5 pop hits from her first album, including Tattoo, No Air, and One Step At A Time, which were incorporated into her tour.

As the doors of Nokia Theatre opened, the crowds poured in, filling up the spectacularly illuminated auditorium-style and standing room space, more or less to the brim. A number of young pop singers opened for Jordin Sparks. Although all talented and entertaining in their own way, the audience's cheer expressed how Jordin was the light at the end of the tunnel, and well-worth the long wait. Her hour-length performance slot resembled a novel, with each number rich in chapter. Some memorable numbers included Battlefield, Watch You Go, Emergency, Don't Let It Go To Your Head, No Parade, and S.O.S. (Let The Music Play). It Takes More was one such number that boasted her genuine high notes. The conclusive number was No Air, where the audience replaced Chris Brown's role, having the ability to lend a breath and evoking a harmonious chorus.

According to the June 9th NY Daily News, Jordin stated the following in anticipation of her opening show: "It's awesome to be able to say this is my show now. People are coming to see me, and I'm really excited; it's really great to be back in New York."

Jordin Sparks may have been a final act of the evening, but cast a lasting impression upon an audience that extended beyond the typical pop scene, and makes one ponder what's next in line for the star. Don't let your guard down!

A high note!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour Will Sizzle Your Summer!

 By Michael Perlman

This summer certainly won't be a cold, lonely summer. It's guaranteed to be a pack your bags, get glammed up, and you're in for an Adamaaaazing experience!!! TODAY marks Adam Lambert's first ever Nationwide tour, known as the Glam Nation Tour, which features 70 shows within 3 months. First stop: Wilkes-Barre, PA! Tickets are selling out rapidly, so more shows have been added, and presumably more will be squeezed in, since Adam's shows are all about the fans.

This will be a new dimension, as you visualize yourself immersed in a turn-of-the-century New Orleans ambiance, and feel the vibe of psychedelic classic rock, with visual references to people like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and Keith Richards. "I'm inviting the audience to take a journey with me into this emotional and thematic world," says Adam Lambert. 

During an exclusive conference call session on June 2nd, Adam Lambert explained his vision for the show. "I had a song that came out on my remix EP that was a track written for the album. It's called Voodoo. It's a real fun, sexy, modern disco-type song with a lot of visual references to New Orleans and mysticism; a crystal ball, voodoo, magic kind of look. I kind of fell in love again with the song, and I wanted to include it in the concert." He then explained "I did travel to New Orleans last year. I'm telling you, there's something about New Orleans. There's a feeling there that's really powerful. There's so much culture, history, and tradition. There's a palpable sensuality. The history of voodoo is fascinating. It has a dark side, but I'm taking that dark side and making it super theatrical, and not to be taken too seriously."

Linda Perlman of Perlman PR was one of many participants in the exclusive conference call session. This is what was asked, followed by Adam's response:

I understand you're putting a love spell on us by opening your show with the song Voodoo. Why do you think your fans are already under your spell? Do you feel it's the sign of Aquarius extending love through your creativity, magnetism, and mesmerizing traits?

Adam chuckled and said "That's sweet... I love the way you put that!" He then explained "Especially with this tour, I have honed in on kind of the spiritual quality of performance. I mean, there is something really magical that happens between you and an audience when you’re really connected. And my fans have been so dedicated and passionate about what I do, and yeah, I knew that now that I’ve gotten to know them, that the show was really built for the fans. It was really built for these people that have been so supportive, and the songs that they really love and songs that I feel thematically like lyrically and sonically really sum me up and kind of express that exchange, that magic that happens."

To another participant on the conference call, Adam stated "The first part of the show will be more about seduction and venturing into the unknown, taking chances, and mystery, intrigue, and sexiness. The midpoint explores heartbreak and vulnerability. The latter half is celebration and joy, and love and connection."

Adam had a hand in selecting his opening acts. He was intent on giving Allison Iraheta the stage. He said "I love her to death, she's extremely talented, and I want more and more people to be aware of her music. Her album is incredible!" He also selected Orianthi, since she is in the same management company as he is. "She's really sweet, super-talented, and I thought she'd be a good counterpart."

When Adam writes, it is based on his personal experiences. The songs he selected for the album were ones he could relate to specifically, but in reality, he could emote to all of them. There may be 1 or 2 cover songs, but he is leaving that as something marking great anticipation. He feels it was really difficult to pick one song that best represents Adam as an artist, since every song on the album is a reflection upon the artistry within him. "For me, it was really important to have an album that was super diverse, showing different elements of my personality." 

Adam will be exploring a look known as "Steampunk," which is Victorian-era fashion mixed with modern punk rock elements. "I had a lot of fun with my costume designer," Adam stated. "We're working with a fashion line called Skingraft designs. I've worn a lot of their pieces in the past on Idol."

"I'm bringing in people I've worked with already, and whose talent I respected," Adam said. His choreographer, Brooke Wendle is a friend of his. They were in Wicked for over three years, and there is also a dancer on board, who was also a cast member. His guitar player, Monte, is someone he used to have a band with, and has been on the road with him for the past seven months.

His inspiration for the Glam Nation tour stemmed from growing up around pop tours, and some of his role models included Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Paula Abdul; the latter of which was his earliest recollection of a tour. That was complemented by his musical theater background. "People that put on a show, take their music and create a visual, and a story and a theme, and kind of reinterpret a song both musically and visually, to give it a context. I definitely wanted it to be first and foremost about the music. A close second is giving the audience something to look at, giving them a reason that this is the next song in the set. There's a thematic through-line throughout the show."

When Adam asks Whataya Want From Me?, we now have a hunch of great expectations, but nothing comes close to the Real McCoy live, mere steps away. You can Strut to hear Music Again For Your Entertainment, and you will be amongst the Sure Fire Winners. One can only desire, If I Had You....ADAM LAMBERT!

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